ORC Week Two:  Powder Room Restoration

ORC Week Two: Powder Room Restoration

It's the end of Week Two for my Powder Room restoration - One Room Challenge.  Thanks for checking back in!For those of you that may be new to the post - the One Room Challenge dares you to design/redesign a room in less than 6 weeks.  There's no prize - just the...

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Fall 2016 – ONE ROOM CHALLENGE:  Week One!

Fall 2016 – ONE ROOM CHALLENGE: Week One!

It's BAAAACCKK!!Yes indeedy folks - it's Linda's semi-annual ONE ROOM CHALLENGE again and this week I decided to throw in my towel and participate with the best of them!After completing my Family Den project last Spring (see Final photos here) - I didn't think I'd be...

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CatMax PhotographyOkay - finishing this Challenge was AMAZING!After six weeks of blogging, making quick and fast decisions, my Den makeover is DONE!CatMax PhotographyAnd, I am pinching myself over the transformation!CatMax PhotographyRemember these sad BEFORE...

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ORC: Week Five – Details Make the Difference!

ORC: Week Five – Details Make the Difference!

You know those little design details that your interior designer keeps suggesting you use in your room?  You know, the "over the top", "silly", "not worth the expense"  design details?  Well, you ought to listen to your designer because those subtle details are the...

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ORC:  Week Four – Coming Together!

ORC: Week Four – Coming Together!

All of the pieces are slowly coming together, full circleIt's great to see everything in my Den plan slowly coming together!WALL CONSOLELast Thursday morning, I was happy to receive the Spencer console that I ordered from WAYFAIR .   It came within less than a week...

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ORC:  Week Three – FRAZZLED!?&%$@*!

ORC: Week Three – FRAZZLED!?&%$@*!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I pretty much had a meltdown yesterday regarding my ORC plan.  I came to the realization that we're at the half-way point already and I'll have to ditch at least one (hopefully not more) of my planned items - due to the time...

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I'm an interior designer and a busy mother to two precocious, fun loving boys.  I love a good laugh mixed with a side of silly.  I'm hopelessly obsessed with trims and colorful fabrics.  And cheese.  (and frozen margaritas)
Hopefully, my blog will show you a bit more about who I am and how I can help you create a more comfortable and inviting home. Let's go through this journey together - I promise to make it interesting!




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