The Atlanta Gift Show was HOT, HOT, HOT this past July!
JULY?!  you say?  It’s now September…September creeping into October!  Barclay!  What’s up with that?
Well, okay – truth be told.  I couldn’t download my photos onto my laptop computer and…..well….things like that slow me down!  Anyhow – the Gift Show was such a blast this year – as I went into a corner of the Market that I’ve NEVER been in and I found numerous, wonderful vendors!

Dunes and Duchess (

atlanta interior designer discovers lacquer lamps
Dunes & Duchess lacquer lamps
Beaded Bargello pillow captures attention of Buckhead Atlanta interior designer
Beaded Bargello pillow by Callisto Home
Luxury interior designer finds embossed orange leather frame by Moo Moo
MooMoo Designs – FAB Orange Leather picture frame
atlanta interior designer features Deco inspired table by Modern History
Deco-inspired Coffee Table 

atlanta interior designer showcases Kathy Slater's New Orleans coffee table
“Audubon” Coffee Table

Atlanta interior decorator loves sparkle of Modern History's Gilt Sunburst mirror
Phoenix Sun Mirror

Modern Chest in Ivory

Stepped Chest – love the organic look!
Tara Shaw’s nod to New Orleans

As you might have expected – orange is still the hot trending accent color!  You’ll see pops of it in my small sampling of photos.

Amy Howard chair
Mr. Brown chair

Love the fun bubble mirror!  Very feminine

Bliss Studio chair

Tara Shaw chair

I saw several “duplicate” styles of furniture out there.  But, the ones I photographed were exceptionally beautiful and well-done!  Both of these examples are very haute couture and sophisticated, but selling at a reasonable price.  They would be considered the “jewels” in your room or the show-stoppers!

Amy Howard

I have a bit of a penchant for Coffee Tables!  I can’t help myself – but, I love them!  (and occassional chairs!)
So, whenever I hit a furniture market – you can know, for sure, that my camera will be out and clicking when I see a fantastic and affordable coffee table!  I spared you all and thought better of not posting all of my luscious tables.  But, here are a few!

Which coffee table is your favorite?   I’d love to know!!

I’ve got to run and post this blog.  I’m accepting the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE and need to figure out how I can link up with the group this morning!
See you soon!