Yes indeedy folks – it’s Linda’s semi-annual ONE ROOM CHALLENGE again and this week I decided to throw in my towel and participate with the best of them!

After completing my Family Den project last Spring (see Final photos here) – I didn’t think I’d be attempting to complete another home project for the Fall.  But, I think “The Man Upstairs” had something else in mind for me. While out of town this summer, my 1st Floor Powder Room flooded – ruining the existing 1st Floor Powder Room space and pretty much wreaking havoc (read:  Mold City) in our basement.

The Powder Room floors and toilet were ripped out and dry wall was cut where the mold was growing.  Insurance covered a lot of the mold and flooding issues.  But, having an insurance agent come and itemize things along with a contractor and receiving the replacement cost check is a tediously slow and agonizing process.


During that time, I tried to imagine how I might redecorate the space and make it more to my liking. The old Powder Room was pretty, but dark.

I’m excited to renovate this Powder Room because I’d like to renovate more bathroom spaces for my clients.  I’m going to use this One Room Challenge process as my sounding board or guinea pig for future use.

Here is my scope of work:

1.  Remove existing Thibaut wallpaper
2.  Drywall walls, install baseboard, prime walls
3.  Remove exising ARCH in shower area
4.  Retile Shower Area
5.  New Vanity, top, faucets and sink
6.  New Toilet
7.  Install crown moulding
8.  Wallpaper
9.  Paint an existing free-standing cabinet
10.  Shower Curtain

A lot of hiccops occur during renovations.  So, I will start this process with my fingers crossed.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish in the 6 week time-frame.  But, I have a goal!

Stick with me, I’ll try and keep it interesting!

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