Okay – maybe not so hilarious!  But, I just learned how to create mood boards with Polyvore.  And, I’ve become a near-fanatic when pinning new items to Polyvore!  But, I had absolutely NO idea (until this VERY instant) that every item that I’m pinning is going directly into my Blogger account and becoming a post!  Yikes – I better check my Facebook account next to see what’s happened there.  Clearly, I didn’t “uncheck” something in Polyvore…  Oh – well.  I’ll figure out how to stop it (eventually).  At least….I guess, I’m posting frequently – I mean, it WAS my 2014 resolution!

Next topic, please!  The Design Bloggers Conference was held in Atlanta for the first time!

I debated and debated whether to go or not.  It was a hard decision and not going – won.  I didn’t feel like I warranted a spot at this bloggers convention.  Not yet.  But, I’m going to sign up for the 2015 Conference, which, happily, will be hosted in Atlanta again!  Yea!  and Yea for me!

In the meantime, I was thrilled that Candice Olson, Canadian designer and host of HGTV’s “Divine Design”  and HGTV Magazine editor, Sara Peterson, came and spoke at ADAC  (Atlanta Decorative Arts Center) on Tuesday.  Candice Olson’s first television show Divine Design (with Chico) was inspirational for designers – because in 23 minutes – she showed us the real-life process of how she assembled her design plan and sometimes, the show would show us un-avoidable mishaps that are bound to happen on design jobs – like a sofa not fitting through a doorway.  Her shows are fun and charismatic.  But, ultimately, the after-product is usually a stunning room that her clients thrill to see.  But, one of the reasons why I love Candice’s show so much is that she is an extremely talented rendering artist.  Her  2-D renderings always make me drool.   I’ve always wished that I could emulate this unique talent.   Candice and Sara, as predicted, were fun to listen to and very approachable.  Sara seems to be a master editor for her HGTV magazine.  I very much look forward to my copy when it arrives every month.  Sara makes sure that it is packed with lots of information and new ideas.  I agree!  As a designer, I enjoy seeing the unique ways in which stylists, designers or home-owners put a new twist on everyday things – to make them more unique.  If you don’t already, read HGTV!