If you’re anything like me, you may have a small obsession with monograms.
monogram design by Monogram Inc.
Antique monogram – RBR

 I’ve always appreciated the beauty and elegance a monogram brings to the object it adorns.  I mean, take a plain white towel for example…a colorful and beautifully executed thread monogram can instantaneously elevate the mundane into a luxury good with unique charm!

monogram by Leotine Linens

Powder Room design by Melissa Rufty

What about personalized bed linens?  Caroline Brackenridge’s New York City company, Monogram Inc., can create spectacular custom monograms for you.  THIS is how I would spend my extra money.  I could just drool over all of her designs – love the color combinations!

Embroidered sheet monograms by Monogram Inc.

Kathy Kincaid
You don’t necessarily have show off your monogram on just your bed linens or stationary these days – what about on your shoes?

Stubbs & Wootton
Jack Rogers monogrammed sandals

Or your Wedding Cake?

via Pinterest

Or Christening Cookies?  (by Amber Spiegel)

custom monogram cookie by Amber Spiegel
There are lots of unexpected and fun ways in which you can use your monogram.  
Leotine Linens adds a monogram to a chair back

Betty Burgess paints a monotgram on a Dining Room chair slipcover

But, I have to say…back in time, craftsmen REALLY knew the true value of a monogram!  Look at this antique handkerchief!  The detail that went into this piece is amazing!

 And this pin!

Monograms are classic and, happily, will never go out of style.
If you’d like to read more about the history of monograms, read Cynthia Brumback’s book
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