On my family’s recent trek to DisneyWorld, we visited Epcot.  And, to my delightful surprise – Epcot had their annual flower show going on, which also included numerous Characters in Bloom!  “Hidden” in the gardens throughout Epcot were these magical Disney characters created out of floribunda.  And, quite honesty, some were so fantastic that I had to stop and take photos of them.  It kinda ended up being like a game for me – how many Characters in Bloom could mom find?  (apparently – too many)  My kids started to make fun of me for taking so many pictures.  Anyhow – this is Captain Hook!  I mean, seriously, he was a showstopper!  There was even a Peter Pan on top of the roof next door! (I mean, talk about creative!)

Of course, I LOVED the Alligator, Tick-Tock, too!  But, to me, he looked more like Louis, the gator in
The Princess and the Frog.  Great teeth!

The Lady and the Tramp dogs were sweet – and captured a lot of attention from passers-by.
My kids thought the Lightning McQueen and Mater sculptures were the coolest (well, WHO wouldn’t?!)

And, here were a couple other sculptures that caught my eye……

                               But, as my sister might say……”Seen one sculpture, seen’em all!”
                                   Naturally, I disagree…but, there were quite a few of them!

For any of you that  might be interested, the Atlanta Botanical Garden has added more floral sculptures to its, now, permanent exhibit Imaginary Worlds – Mosaiculture.  I highly recommend a trip there to see some magnificent floribunda art!  or, read my blog post about it here.  I can’t wait to go back!

The Ogre from the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s “Imaginary Worlds – Mosaiculture” exhibit

Atlanta Botanical Garden