That’s right – if it’s April – then it’s the start of semi-annual THE ONE ROOM CHALLENGE created by Linda over at Calling It Home.

Now in its tenth season, The One Room Challenge is a competition for bloggers and interior designers to re-design a room in just six weeks and document its progress in weekly blog posts.  You can read more about it here.

I participated in my first ORC about 3 years ago in which I transformed an unused room in my basement into an Office/Design Library.  I learned a lot that season.  Basically, my biggest take-away was that if I ever did the ORC again, that I would put a lot more planning and thought into the process (before just randomly signing-up a few days before….)!

ANYHOO….I’m very happy to say that I will be transforming our DEN for the 2016 spring One Room Challenge!

Our Den gets a lot of use as it’s the family gathering spot.  It’s where we watch television, gather as a family, play monopoly and huddle before dinner.

In essence, it’s our everything room.  But, it’s probably the room that’s gotten the least amount of “design attention”, since I kind of throw all of our leftover furniture in there.

But, this April/May, my DEN is going to have a makeover!  (woot woot!!)

LOVE these colors!!!!

But, here is my TO-DO List.  It is a bit overwhelming and I may not get everything done, but…C’est la vie of ORC!
1.  Order area rug.
2.  Order sofa.
3.  Order chairs.
4.  Order benches.
5.  Lacquer coffee table.
6.  Order fabric for drapery panels and send to drapery workroom.  Install.
7.  Order sheer blinds to cover windows.  Install.
8.  Select sofa end tables.
9.  Select end table lamps/shades.
10.  Select console table. Order.
11.  Select console table lamps/shades.
12.  Art over sofa.  Create new or paint over existing canvas.
13.  Paint existing ceiling fan.
14.  Reupholster existing open arm chair.
15.  Reupholster existing child’s open arm chair.
16.  Decide on fabrics and have pillows made for sofa and maybe chairs.

Hopefully, I can tackle everything on my list and not get shingles or hives or BOTH during this process (no joke – I’ve had shingles before and hives seem to magically “appear” when I’m super-stressed!).  But, not to digress….

I’m thrilled to be a Guest Participant with the 2016 One Room Challenge.   I hope that you will follow me on this journey and keep me entertained and positive with your awesome and uplifting comments!   (did you get the hint?)   PLEASE make comments!

In the meantime, please see what the ORC Linking Participants are doing here and click here to see what the ORC Guest Participants (like me) are up to.  We post every Thursday!  Tootle-oo!