Okay….I thought that the One Room Challenge would challenge me to work super-duper fast to finish this Office Basement project that’s been looming over my head since June.   Instead, I’m second guessing my choices and wondering if there are more fabulous fabric and furniture options out there for me!  What it amounts to – is I hate designing for myself!  It takes me forever to make decisions – I’m my own worst client!
If you are a designer out there reading this – you MUST understand!  I, typically, have to pull a scheme for myself and look at it for about a year (give or take a few minutes) until I can pull the trigger.  But, because the ORC opportunity became available, I went for it!  I didn’t think about my scheme or how I was going to implement it – I just started in!

The BEFORE photo (yikes!)
AFTER:  Painted walls and re-organized!

Week One – posted my embarrassingly messy Design Library photos.  I felt a little “dirty” after Week One – exposing my ugly basement trash room!

I didn’t realize it when I signed up for this Challenge – but, for Week Two – I would be out of town!    Before leaving, I had to make an agonizing decision – do I order the Pottery Barn Bedford White Office Collection?  Or, do I order the Home Decorator’s Martha Stewart White Office Collection?  This kind of decision can wear me down quickly and consume my waking hours!  I knew that I had to take serious action and decide quickly!  Week Two would be over before I knew it – tick-tock, tick-tock – I HAD to order quickly and now!

Martha Stewart Living Craft Desk

I opted to go the Martha Stewart route.  Why?  I LOVE Martha!  But, seriously – cost was a factor.  Also, I kind of wanted the furniture to be bright white – to create a more stark contrast against the beige walls (the PB desk is creamier).  Also, the MS Desk and Filing cabinets are leggy.  This will make my Basement Office appear visually larger and more airy.  Also, I just thought the Martha Stewart collection was more feminine!

So, before Week One ended – I ordered all of my desk stuff and the

Pottery Barn Bedford Desk

Chinese knot bookcases (in black).
I find an inexpensive White Office chair from Costco ($62) and bring it home.

Week Two  – my boxes from Home Decorator’s Collection arrive.  However, I am already on vacation.  So, I do not post.  I feel bad about not posting, but obviously, not THAT bad!  I enjoy my time at the beach and worry about what progress I will be able to talk about for Week Three!
Happily, I got (some) of my act together and put together my new White Martha Stewart desk and filing cabinets!  It looks good!  I love the wide expanse of working space.  I add my white Desk chair and, VOILA!  Tres chic!

It is in this “white” moment that I wish my brown IKEA Billy bookcases were WHITE.  I curse the day (two years ago -when I thought I’d be “edgy” and buy Wenge bookcases!  What was I thinking!  So, I won’t paint them white (already thought about that) and buy trim to make them look like custom built-ins .  Instead, I’ve decided to embrace my “edgy” bookcases – leave them as they are and just paint the back boards a pink color.

Week Three – stay tuned.  I will put together my two Chinese knot bookcases and paint them white.   Hopefully, I’ll have the stamina to paint all of the Billy bookcase backs pastel pink, too.  I’m just hoping that I survive this Challenge and can limp across the finish line in time!  (fingers crossed)

Drafting Wall – will replace those 2 Lowe’s laminate cabinets with “Chinese Knot” bookcases.
“Chinese Knot” bookcases – in boxes…..calling my name!