Do you know how THRILLED I am that it’s reveal day for the One Room Challenge??  I am.
I was up until 1:30am last night working my little fingers to the bone – creating mess and havoc everywhere.   This morning I started working again at 8am.  It’s now after 12.  But, I can post my reveal!  My Basement Office. FINISHED  (okay  – almost finished)   TA-DA!


My pair of MATCHING Crystal Column Lamps with my green silk lamp shades.  I’m not completely done with everything.  I still need to apply more of my crazy pink leopard wallpaper to the backs of my Ikea bookcases.  The leopard may be a little wild for some (and unappealing to others) – I get it.  But, I love
pink – and a little leopard in a room is good for it’s bones!  And, the pink definitely brightens up that area of the room.  You can see how dark and cavernous the unwallpapered bookcases look (should have bought WHITE bookcases in the first place!).



Love these luncheon plates!  Started collecting this pattern years ago!  PINK, natch!

I still need to paint this door white! 

I have to give a HUGE HUGE hug of thanks to my Dad.
My parents came to visit and were only here for a day.  I asked my Dad if he would please switch out my fan light with pull chain start to a more practical and sleek “track” lighting fixture that I got for about $32 at Costco.  It was a relatively easy honey-do task – except for that the new fixture didn’t have a light switch to turn it on.  My dad volunteered to put in a new switch for me.  But this process was much more difficult than anticipated (due to the materials and my poor selection of work tools).  I also asked if he might be able to drill me some picture holes in the walls.  My basement walls are super thick and EXTREMELY difficult to drill a hole in.  Anyhow – long story short – I think my dad started working on my project around 11am.  He finished well after 8pm!  Thankyou Dad – I NEVER would have a reveal today if it wasn’t for your patience and thoughtfullness!  I truly appreciate it!

So, thanks to my Dad – I could hang my prints and light my lights.  I still have to put another coat or two of paint on my white Knot bookcases, but that can wait.  I’m exhausted!

After a bit of rest, I can’t wait to check out everyone else’s reveals!
Thank you Linda at Calling It Home for allowing me to participate!  If you’d like to see the REVEALS from all of the other bloggers, please click here.
Have a great day!  I will!