CatMax Photography
Okay – finishing this Challenge was AMAZING!
After six weeks of blogging, making quick and fast decisions, my Den makeover is DONE!
CatMax Photography
And, I am pinching myself over the transformation!
CatMax Photography
Remember these sad BEFORE shots?
And now my family has a beautiful room to sit their sweaty bodies on and jump on the sofa with their clay covered cleats!  YEA!
That is why these professional shots are so important to me.
It won’t get better any prettier after this!  But it’s DONE!
CatMax Photography
 Putting together a room in 6 weeks sounds pretty easy on Day 1 of Week 1.  And, it is actually.  If you know what the plan is and what you’re going to order – it should all run smoothly.  Right?
CatMax Photography
 HA!  Not always so!   But, I was very fortunate for this project and didn’t have to worry about fabrics not being in stock, deliveries not coming in on time, or workmen not being available.
In fact, all of my workrooms, vendors and photographer were really helpful and obliging.  So, first and foremost I have to thank them for all of their hard work (making me look good) and finishing on or before the deadlines.
CatMax Photography
 What makes this 6 week Challenge challenging is that you have to make firm decisions and then run with it.  You have to handle any type of decisions or problems quickly and efficiently.  Although I had all of my major pieces in the room by last week, the room lacked the finishing touches.  The window treatments weren’t up, the pillows, artwork, lamps and accessories were mising.
I’d previously purchased a large 60″ canvas from Wisteria.
I knew a more contemporary piece would help the room “pop”, but as it turns out – the artwork that I bought – although pretty – was more of a flop than a pop for the room.  It took a bit of courage, but on Mother’s Day, I brought out the acrylics and completely painted over the existing canvas.  While not a masterpiece, the new version brings a fresh vision to the room and brings the color around the space.  Exactly what I was looking for!
As it turns out, the painted Tea Canister lamps weren’t “all that”.  I needed something a bit more sophisticated and young for the room.  I grabbed a pair of these crystal column lamps from my basement and added the Ballard Design green linen shades.  I think their simplicity was needed in the room (I mean, don’t forget, we have a pair of those Blackamore lamps across the way with the crazy spotted shades!).

In truth, the biggest and best transformation to this room was the addition of more light.
Taking down and throwing out my faded (and ugly) mahogany wood blinds (that came with the house) was probably the best day for me.  As that was the day this room saw natural light!  WHOA!
But, a difference it made!
Thanks for following along with me for these past six weeks!  It was a blast!
If you’d like me to transform one or all of the rooms in your house – please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I work with clients in Atlanta and around the country and would LOVE to transform your
room too.  Call or email me!

Thanks Linda @ Calling It Home for this amazing and fun opportunity!

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