You know those little design details that your interior designer keeps suggesting you use in your room?  You know, the “over the top”, “silly”, “not worth the expense”  design details?  Well, you ought to listen to your designer because those subtle details are the key elements that can turn your room from Hum-Drum to HELLO!

Thibaut Cheverly Chairs
My chairs arrived!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!  The lime green leopard (which may seem a bit garish) is tempered by the chair’s classic, English design.  Plus, I was struck by the feminine bamboo legs, button tufts and nailhead trim.  I added a lime green tape underneath the nailhead trim to draw your eye down to those fabulous legs!  Did it work?

I was so excited to pick up my drapery panels last Friday.  They turned out so well!
I specified details to help make the simple panels look a lot more special.  My workroom created goblet pleats with a “knot” design at each base, and we added a solid lime green contrast fabric trim along the top and leading edges of the panels.

As I mentioned in my last post HERE, I found all of the elements for my lucite rod/rings and brass bracket through the helpful posts from three other amazing bloggers.  Thanks to them and the abundance of amazing information one can find on the internet, I was successfully and quickly able to order all of the drapery hardware and have it shipped within a week!  UH-MAZING!


I’d been dreaming about using these GORGEOUS celadon green slag lamps from Times Two Design.  They were a bit pricier than I wanted to pay.  However, this is how I feel about lamps.  Lamps are the jewelry to the room.  Part of the design details that I was talking about earlier, lamps can really change the feel of a room.  Undaunted by the price, I SO wanted these lamps to work.  However, the celadon green color seemed to dramatically clash with my lime green chairs (and not in a good way).  The lamps didn’t seem as “important” as I wanted them to be.  I’m picking at straws, but I also thought that maybe they were a bit too thin for the table….

 Anyhow, after that crushing blow, I had to think quickly about what type of lamp should go there.  Simple.  Dana Gibson’s Tea Caddy lamp!  But, I wasn’t so sure that her greens would work in my room.  Plus, I was kind of hoping to have a mix of green and blue in the lamp.  So, I called my lighting rep and she found me a pair of these green tea caddy lamps.  The green was fun- but, overall, the design was too serious.  Definitely wanted to lighten up the mood a bit!

Out comes my handy-dandy paint brush!
And, as I posted on Instagram this week…..

 hashtag  #EPIC FAIL!!
But, with some sound advice from a trusted facebook friend, I am now on the right track.  Not finished, but one can is painted white.

If the color works, I found these green lampshades.  Otherwise, white shades to the rescue!

Look at the adorable SHADES that Kristi from Sassyshades on Etsy created for me!  Made from Caitlin Wilson’s navy Spotty fabric, these shades are the exclamation point in my room!  I can’t thank Kristi enough for working with me and finishing way before the deadline!  Love her and the shades!!
I purchased this oversized canvas from Wisteria.  It looks pretty and works “okay” in the room.  But, I don’t like it.  It’s too representational.  I’d like something a bit more abstract and contemporary with a bit more color.  So, down to the wire – I’m thinking that I’ll try and paint over it.  We’ll see.  It’s one thing to paint lamps, but it’s another thing to try and tackle a 60″wide canvas a couple days before I have professional shots taken!  
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That’s it for this week!  
See you at the REVEAL next Thursday!