I don’t know about the rest of you, but I pretty much had a meltdown yesterday regarding my ORC plan.  I came to the realization that we’re at the half-way point already and I’ll have to ditch at least one (hopefully not more) of my planned items – due to the time contraint!  Good Heavens!!  
WHERE is everything??
Well, I shouldn’t complain – I received my newly lacquered coffee table.  It looks shiny and blue with it’s new coat of Denim by Sherwin Williams!
And, I was lucky.  Instead of having to order my area rug – I found this one already made up and ready to purchase at Myers Carpet.
So, IN THE CAR it went! – along with a rug pad!
SEE YA SOFA!!   “Hasta La Vista, baby!” (Hello Goodwill)
I dropped off my drapery fabric to my workroom last week.  I liked the look and details of this goblet pleat panel that I found on Pinterest and used this as my inspiration photo.
This is my drapery fabric and I asked my drapery workroom to replicate the knotted detail.
I also sent out my mother’s old white Living Room chair to get a much needed Botox injection!  Because I was in a rush to get things done, I completely forgot to take a Before photo of the chair in the room.  The chair has a great shape and is very comfortable.  It just needed a fresh and youthful makeover! Here’s the BEFORE of the chair.  You’ll have to wait until next week for the AFTER.


I’m upholstering it in this vibrant Raoul Textiles fabric and adding a bright pop of Lime Green as a contrast welt.  
And finally, my LAMPS.
After mulling over lamp options, I’ve decided to use some existing Blackamoor lamps that I own.
To get an idea of space, I moved in a console from another room and added a lamp for size.
But NOT THOSE Blackamoor lamps.  The color is all wrong!  I selected THESE Blackamoor lamps!


I’m a hopeless collector of Blackamoor lamps (long story).  Maybe I’ll write a quickie blog post about it this week.  Anyhoo!  Although these pups may look decent enough in these photos – the paint was chipped everywhere and the “white” was extremely dingy.  So, I grabbed my paint brushes this week and started their makeover!  They’re still a “work-in-progess” – but here’s what they look like so far (don’t judge)…
And, what’s going to make them UBER-FABULOUS is their topper!  
Now THIS custom shade will certainly bring a bit of the WOW factor to my room!  
You can find this shade and other equally stunning and fun shades at Kristi Uvence’s 
ETSY Store – SassyShades.
That’s it for this week!  If you’d like to see more rooms, please click HERE to see the ORC Featured Designers.  
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