Sorry that I haven’t been involved in the Blogosphere these past….uhhh…(I don’t know…) about seven months!  I think I’ve just been paralyzed with fear about blogging.  I’m not sure why I’m so fearful – no one reads my blogs – so there’s definitely no one to judge my blog posts.   Therefore, I’ve come to the realization that if I just write what I want to write about it’ll be a helluva lot easier for me.  There won’t be anyone that I’m trying to impress (except for myself).  And, in the end, I’ll be conquering my fear of publicly posting.

One of my last written posts was the day I started my MBA Camp with Tobi Fairley.  I promised that I’d write more about that experience.  And did I?  Nope.  I think I was too exhausted and too overwhelmed for too much to register in my head.  But, seven months later – I think I have my head screwed on a little bit better.  I also know that I need to conquer some of my silly and unfounded fears before I can truly be successful in my business.  Of the 10 goal-setting tips – these are the four that I need to and am going to implement!
1.  Go Big or Go Home!
2.  Don’t be paralized from Taking Action!
3.  Don’t waste time trying to figure out the How – just DO IT!
4.  Be specific.

My goals:
1.  In 2015, I’d like to be asked to participate in a Designer Showhouse.  I am ready.  I am qualified.
2.  In 2015, I’d like to be published – somewhere, anywhere!  pu-leeze!  Of course, that means that I’ll need to get more clients, have their rooms styled and photographed.  But, I’m definitely worthy.  Hire me!
3.  Immediately.  I want to send out my Barclay Stone Interiors newsletter ASAP.  Overcoming my fear of just sending it to friends – I’ve decided to send it out to so many more people than I originally planned.  Because, what have I got to fear?  If someone doesn’t want to receive my newsletters, they can unsubscribe or delete. At least I’m helping myself to get my name out there.
Plus, I’ve got my awesome graphic designer, Carl Chiocca, working the newsletter template.  My first article is already written up – so, the big hurdles are kind of over – I’m ready to go!  And, help me out, if you are reading this blog right now, maybe you’ll be kind enough to sign up for my newsletters?  Send me a comment and I’ll add your name to my list – because I’m not certain that I’ve connected the newsletter sign-up correctly to my Mailchimp feed!

Okay.  So – I’ve thrown out there a couple of my big goals.  I think blogging will help me loosen up a bit.  I love writing.  I’ll just write to my pretend audience out there and write about stuff that interests me and makes my heart tick.